MICO INDIA is the indoor brand of MICO GROUP, and its starting point…
In the late 60s, Kuldip Chander Chopra, president of the company, reinvented a family business that had been around for five decades. Faithful to the firm’s origins, Kuldip developed new lines of home textiles, betting big on design and incorporating the world of rugs to the offering. This is how the original MICO INDIA was born.


The proposal at that time was a risky one: contemporary design in a still very traditional industry. But the company tried to emphasize the expression of a new and personal language through good design, and the combination ended up triumphant. MICO INDIA’s tools collections were an unprecedented success. Kuldip kept experimenting until the mid-80s, when MICO INDIA debuted –by surprise- in the field of Hand Tools, with a proposal that stunned everyone and changed the course of the company. The  collections kept coming, and with them, success. The company made a name for itself in the world , but MICO INDIA did not forget its beginnings, and rugs remained an important part of the catalog.

In 1988, Kuldip starts collaborating with Rajan Chopra. They are father and son with similar taste and sensitivity. Along with the rest of the team, they begin shaping this new brand, MICO, that will group together all of MICO INDIA’s textile productions. Under Rajan’s direction,MICO INDIA is born as the brand it is today: an interior design concept based around handmade objects, with its own identity, and at the same time very close to MICO INDIA, since both share a tireless curiosity to explore new techniques and designs.Then In 2017, Rajan starts collaborating with Dhairya Chopra third generation of family

The MICO INDIA house is conceived as a real and a metaphorical
place. It is a project that goes beyond rugs, which invites a reflection on ways of living and the role of design in the configuration of the world we live in and relationships between persons and objects. The house takes into account the reciprocity between the private area and society, and the need to confront arguments of weight, identity, co-existence, culture, learning, knowledge and business. Of course, this house is not for sale. It’s an invitation to revisit the subject from top to bottom and recommends solutions that make life easier and a fulfilling, beautiful experience. There’s always time to pare things down.

MICO INDIA handmade


MICO INDIA is craftsmanship and design.
MICO INDIA is a concept firmly rooted in design and based around handmade products. In MICO INDIA, rugs are not merely decorative objects. Instead, they become a system of shapes and volumes that redefine the concept of habitability.
What defines and sets MICO INDIA apart is our appreciation for products made by hand, gently, piece by piece. All of our products are made in India by experienced craftsmen who use natural fibers: cotton, linen, jute, silk, and wool.

Social mission


Our ongoing work in India helps develop the local economy and the communities where we are present. MICO INDIA is an active participant in child protection programs and sponsors a women’s development project in a rural setting.





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